Alojamiento Tur?stico RURALRUT

Un lugar para conocer, Un lugar para venir

En cumplimiento del Real Decreto 463/ 2020 aprobado por el Gobierno debido por el COVID-19, os informamos de las medidas llevadas a cabo en todos nuestro Apartamento Turístico RURALRUT.

Apartamento Turístico RURALRUT
The intimate and cozy house full of essential details Tiemblo a relaxing retreat for relaxing with a charming decor , thick stone walls and beamed ceilings interiors. Physical and enviable location peculiarity manages to combine the supply of natural space, rustic architecture and traditions with the comfort, care and comfort of the facilities.

Apartamento Turístico RURALRUTRural Apartment Apartamento Turístico RURALRUT

de 8.00€ a 35.00€ per person per night
2 - 8 plazas

For many establishments is difficult to combine the supply of natural space, rustic architecture and traditions with the comfort, care and comfort of the facilities. This succeeds in spades.

The environment in which they are situated is a clear example of varied countryside, ancient villages that make travel to the past and a fully rural appearance. All this in a house inside has the best facilities and concern for the welfare of the host by flag.

If to this we add its location well connected with major cities of Madrid and Castilla, the combination is perfect.

The facilities allow the accommodation of 2-6 people And which may include pets whenever prior notification. Its facilities include:

• 2 double bedrooms (1 with double bed and one with 2 single beds)
• Spacious living room with TV, DVD, stereo and 1 sofa bed
• Full kitchen fully equipped
• bathroom with corner bath

The multitude of places to discover and practice activities that will make room for boredom is nonexistent in the visit.

Near the village of El tremble in which is located the house is a perfect example of medieval architecture surrounded by lush forests of oak, chestnut and pine trees in the walk will be an experience fairytale, finding many streams, springs, natural pools a few yards and landscapes that remain engraved in the retina.

The nearby reservoir Burguillo, known to be the oldest in Spain, is a perfect place for water sports and bird watching, and natural ponds that can be found along the course of the river Alberche are idyllically where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

Worth mentioning the unique Sierra de Gredos, where you can plan routes to suit any level of effort in which you can fully enjoy nature at its best. A computation of attractions that will make the visit an experience to repeat.
A place to meet, a place to come .


C/ Buenos Aires, 6. El Tiemblo 05270 (Ávila)
El Tiemblo (Ávila)
Persona de contacto:
+34 650699979
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